I’m a professional graphic designer and self-taught artist based in Bologna, Italy.
I have been involved in the art for a long time, but I decided to dedicate a reasonable part of my life to this for the last two years.

Although my approach in everyday work is basically digital I’ve found in painting the right way for approaching my personal research on art (anyway I’m wide open to put on the field all my digital skills for upgrading this research). Favorite mediums are acrylic, resin and epoxy resin. My minimal attitude transpires in my works. Sometimes I prefer to use a short palette and focus on the contrast between matt and glossy effects.

Despite my real name and surname, all my paintings are signed as EX. Do you know what’s the advantage of a pseudonym? You can always change it and add 15 minutes more of fame. Usually, EX is a prefix meaning “out of,” “from” and sometimes meaning “not” or “without”, indicating a former title or status. In my case, it represents the synthesis of what I have been and my story. EX is my personal baggage to face the future.



Can a single bubble explain the secret of the universe? Not sure, but if you multiply a bubble for a Grahm’s number of times maybe you get a good model to represent it. Moreover when some scientists try to explain the multiverse theory, the physical behavior of bubbles and foam is often used as example.
Does this mean that I have the conceit to represent the unrepresentable in a small canvas?
Maybe… or maybe I simply I feel really comfortable painting small circles close one to another by using and developing my personal style, trying to represent the idea of a primitive ordered-disorder that the foam transmits.